The IT Shared Services Framework (ITSSF)

ITSSF™ (pronounced "its eff") is a non-prescriptive framework for implementing a shared services model among IT organizations. It is meant to serve as an implementation and management guide for those wishing to take advantage of sharing capability and resources in a secure and equitable manner.

Why Share?

Organizations around the world are feeling the pressure to control IT costs, but while cost savings may be part of sharing services, there are many other advantages that may be realized from sharing IT services.

  • Increase the value of a service without a corresponding increase in cost.
  • Reduce the risks associated with providing a service.
  • Increase the speed with which services may be deployed.
  • Improve overall service quality.

Benefits of ITSSF

  • ITSSF is brief, but extendible.
  • ITSSF is non-prescriptive; it doesn't force a particular standard or methodology on your effort to share services. This makes ITSSF flexible.
  • ITSSF is compatible with service management frameworks like ITIL®.


The organizations wishing to share services are likely within the same or very similar industries. Organizations from practically any industry could benefit from sharing services. Examples include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Exploration and Mining
  • Government and Public Service
  • Higher Education
  • Warehousing and Distribution

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Latest Version: 0.8.1-a

  • Finished proofing and corrections.
  • Finished initial outline for all phases of the lifecycle.
  • Defined roles to be associated with lifecycle processes.
  • Provided guidance on compatibility and timescales.

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